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EOS Acharnon website is not translated in English as this would require resources not available for the time being. However a few information that you may find interesting have been translated as you can see below.

  • Kalymnos Rock Climbing Guide
  • Maps

Kalymnos –rock climbing guide
2008 Revised Edition

By Aris Theodoropoulos
Published by Acharnes Alpine club
ISBN: 960-85644-8-4
296 full colour pages
Form 23X16.5 cm

  • Encompass 16 pages addenda of 2007 additions (257 new routes!)
  • All 43 rock climbing sectors are covered
  • Over 850 sport climbing routes with full descriptions, French grades, useful comments and ratings for the beauty of each route.
  • Photo-topos of the sectors with a description of the type of climbing each sector has symbols indicating the character of the climbing on each sector, whether it is in the shade, whether it is dry in the rain, how long the approach walk is, and more info on each route's opening date and the names and nationalities of its equippers
  • Foul of inspiring climbing pictures in colour
  • Travel and accommodation tips
  • 2 Languages: English, Greek.

How to order

Price: EUR 35 plus shipping charges.
Shipping charges: Europe: EUR 5, Overseas: EUR 10.
To order this book, please contact the author

Payment method

Postal or bank account transfer
You could send us the money by post or by order to our bank account. Please contact us to give you the details.

Credit card
Sorry, we could not accept orders by credit card. However you could contact one of our partners: www.cordee.co.uk/ or www.8a.nu

User reviews

Neil Gresham –UK

"This is the best guidebook I have ever seen. I am so impressed. I can't imagine how hard you must have worked on this. Full credit. It will do so much for Kalymnos climbing."

JB Tribout – France

"I just receive the guide today and I want to say: congratulation!
It's the best guide book I ever seen. It's nearly a book with a really nice atmosphere. You can see how Kalymnos is about pleasure, friendly group of people, and all level climbing."

CLIMBING magazine No 257 (May 2007)

"The Greek island of Kalymnos is Mediterranean heaven: The blue-green Aegean sprawls at your feet, and an escarpment of bullet limestone laced with tree-sized tufas and tacky grey/orange plaques sits just uphill. Dream vacations also need dream guides, and the tireless mountain guide and first ascentionist Aris Theodoropoulos kills it with his revised Kalymnos Rock Climbing Guide. In Greek and English, this sexy, photo-rich resource lays out 43 sectors, with photo topos, brief route descriptions, and approach and sun/shade information. But mainly it lets you dream - a good mix of scenic, lifestyle, and climbing shots show just why this small, otherworldly desert island is so damn special."

CLIMBER magazine, Dave Musgrove (Feb 2007)

"Kalymnos is fast becoming one of the most important rock-climbing destinations on the planet!" So says Aris Theodoropoulos in the introduction to his latest guidebook to this fabulous Greek island and having visited 5 times in the last 2 years myself, and met and mixed with climbers of all ages and abilities from 'all over the planet' I find it impossible to disagree.
The new guide exudes enthusiasm, and a passion for the sheer delight of movement over steep rock but also is a great advertisement for the culture, history and delightful ambience of this superb location. The layout is full colour with photo topos, and hundreds of photographs showing routes, climbers, interesting archaeology, local ecology and geology and places of interest. In short a tour guide to the island of Kalymnos as well as a very well documented guide to the climbing.
The introductory chapters and crag approach descriptions are written in both English and Greek, but all route descriptions are in English, now accepted
as the universal climbers' language on the island by all cafe, bar and hotel owners as well as most taxi drivers and shop keepers. There are now 850 routes on around 40 crags all have which have been developed within the last 9 years. The total has more than doubled in 3 years since the previous guide was written and some of the top pioneers from all over Europe are still involved in creating mega sport classics of every grade. This is by no means an elitist location nor an elitist guidebook; climbers of all abilities from gnarly world famous alpinists to fresh faced wide-eyed beginners rub shoulders on the crags, in the bars and on the beaches. The guidebook reflects this with stars being liberally allocated to grade 4s and 5s with the same enthusiasm as to the 7cs and 8bs. It really is quality climbing that counts here with the Remy brothers and other top climbers seeming just as happy to create excellent new easy slab routes as they are to produce superb pumpy tufa-fests through some of the most amazing cave roof features you will ever encounter. Our own Neil Gresham has bolted up grade 3s and grade 8s!
In fact the climbing quality is so good here that the guide uses the familiar 3 star system with addition of a 'premier league' of exceptional must-do routes that get a musical note. However, there is so much good, still undeveloped, rock on the island that very few routes are poor. Some of the inevitable grade anomalies of the previous guide have been ironed out but this is still an area of generally sensible grading and high quality bolting where you will be unlikely to feel too demoralised if you seek out routes that suit your favoured personal style and physique.
Whether you are a dedicated sport climber or a just a happy holiday bolt clipper the comprehensive index-cum-tick list gives ample opportunity to record and date your best efforts. If you are just a holiday bolt clipper but want to learn more about pushing your grade and maximising your red-point potential the 10 point guide on page 54 will tell you all you need to know. If you've never visited the island before the section on flights and ferries, transport and accommodation is invaluable.
All in all this is an inspiring guide to a brilliant holiday rock destination. Buy one, leave your nuts and Friends at home, and go enjoy. Aris and his team should be congratulated on a very timely and professional product which at 35 Euros is well worth every penny."

Matt Heason -UK (Planetfear.com)

"One neat feature which I really liked is the index which features a series of tick boxes so that you can record which routes you have climbed and in what style (onsight, flash, 2nd go, red point, hangdog, top rope). In fact the information section at the beginning of the book is one of the biggest I've ever seen in a guide, comprising 30 pages of English text and covering everything from 'When to Go' to 'Socialising'. No doubt this will come in particularly handy when waiting to catch the plane or on the beach during a rest day."

Chris the Tall –UK (ukclimbing.com/forums)

"I think the new guide is absolutely stunning - Most foreign guidebooks that I've seen are simply topos - nothing but the facts man - a few B&W photos if you're lucky. OK that's all you really need, but I like something more. I want a guide that will inspire me before I go, but also help me remember the routes when I get back.
Aris has clearly picked up some ideas from Rockfax, but he's taken it further. Not only have you got route descriptions, stars and lots of action pics, but you've also got lots of non-climbing photos and info. I reckon he's managed to infuse his guide with a flavour of the atmosphere of island. I defy anyone to have a look through it and not want to go there - I'm also hoping to go back in May!"

Federico Furia -Italy (planetmountain.com)

"The guidebook is bilingual (English-Greek) and is easy to understand with plenty of obvious symbols and photos. Every crag has a brief description, access info, orientation, climbing style, first ascent info etc. Photo topos have been used which render things even clearer, and each route has a star rating and a brief description. At the back of the guidebook there is a alphabetically-listed route check-box - for those all-important holiday ticks! Excellent".

The map shown below have been published by the magazine "KORFES" from 1982 until today.

South Pindos

Area Issue
Timfristos (2.315 m.) 87
Monastery of Tatarna 88
Liakoura (2.043 m.) 89
Voulgara (1.654 m.) 90
Itamos (1.490 m.) 91
Delidimi (2.163 m.) 92
Delidimi - Synoro (2.032 m.) 93
Voutsikaki (2.154 m.) 94
Karava (2.184 m.) 95
Karavoula - Achladias 96
Hatzi (2.038 m.) - Stavros (1.390 m.) 101
Koziakas - Astrapi (1.901 m.) 102
Avgo (2.146 m.) Neraida (2.067 m.) 103
Aspropotamos - Kap Grass (1.930 m.), Kakarditsa Fourka(2.140 m.) 104
Tzoumerka, Katafidi (2.393 m.) 105
- Koziakas - Kissa(1.651 m.) 106
Aspropotamos - Trigia (2.204 m.) 107
Dokimi (1.972 m.) - Kakarditsa Skliva(2.007 m.) 108
Peristeri - Kalogiros(2.105 m.) Kakarditsa (2.429 m.) 109
Aspropotamos - Peristeri Tsoukarela(2.295 m.) 110

North Pindos

Area Issue

Gamila - Timfi (2497 m.)

Gamila - Tsouka Rossa (2.377 m.) 150
Vasilitsa (2.249 m.) 151
Pyrostia (1.967 m.) - Orliakas (1.464 m.) 152
Zigos (1.820 m.) - Milia (2.160 m.) 153
Avgo (2.177 m.), Flega 154
Smolikas (2637 m.) 155
Grammos - Kamenic (2043 m.), Golio (1934 m.) 156
Grammos - Pano & Kato Arenes 157
Grammos (2520 m.), Perifano (2442 m.) 158


Area Issue

Olympos (70 x 100 cm.), Olympos - Mitikas (2.917 m.) & Kato Olympos(1.588 m.)

Ossa - Profitis Ilias (1.978 m.) 99


Area Issue

Panahaiko - Palavou Pirgos (1.924 m.)

Erimanthos - Olonos (2.221 m.) 79
Helmos -Psili Korfi (2.318 m) 80
Helmos - Avgo (2.138 m.) 81,115
Ziria (2.374 m.) 82
Menalo - Ostrakina (1.980 m.) 83
Parnonas - Megali Tourla (1.934 m.) 84,114
Taygetos - Profitis Ilias (2.407 m.) 85
Taygetos (2.031 m.) 86,113


Area Issue

Pieria - Flabouro (2.193 m.)

Pieria - Mikro Flabouro (1.838 m.) 112
Peristeri, Karva (2.334 m.) 116
Triklari, Vorba (1.749 m.)-Prespes 117
Triklari (1.749 m.)-Vernon (1.932m.) 118
Peristeri, Solatsita (1.641 m.) 119
Vernon, Vitsi (2.128 m.) 120
Vernon, Perikopi (1.867 m.) 121
Triklari - Agia Triada (1.387m.) 122
Triklari (1.749 m.) 123
Askion, Moriki (1.703 m.) 124
Askion, Siniatsiko (2.111 m.) 125
Askion, Melia (1.763 m.) 126
Vourinos, Drisinikos (1863 m.) 127
Vourinos, Kastraki (1126 m.) Analipsis (1125 m.) Kamvounia, Vounasa(1615 m.) 128
Adihasia, Piramida (1.406 m) 129
Kamvounia, Gournes (1.385 m) 130
Kamvounia, Arhontiki (1476m.) 131
Voras - Skopos 132
Kaimaktsalan, Profitis Ilias (2524 m.) 133
Kaimaktsalan, Piperitsa (1996 m.) 134
Loutraki, Tsoutsa (1763 m.) 135
Thoma (1277 m.), Kastro (1146 m.) 136
Vitsi - Klidi, Limnes Petron 137
Vermio, Mavri Petra (2028 m.) 138
Vermio - Hamiti, Siabanitsa (1860 m.) 139
Vermio - Troulos (2016 m.) 141
Vermio - Halki (1673 m.) - Vergina 142
Vermio - Gimni Korfi (1769 m.) 143
Vermio - Fourka (1548 m.) 144
Agio Oros (2.030 m.) 97,98


Area Issue
Falakro (2.232 m.) 52,53
Falakro, Strogilo or Donti (2020m.) 159
Falakro, Profitis Ilias (2232m.) 160
Potamoi 161
Zervo (1758m.) 162
Tsakalos (1814m.) - Oxies (1811m.) 163
Bouzala (1631m.) 164
Sidironero 165
Paranesti 166
Farasino Rema 167
Virgin Forest 168
Giftokastro (1827m.) 169
Livaditis 170
Ahladovouno (1402m.) 171
Nestos 172
Xanthi 173
Ehinos 174
Medousa 175
Kompsatos 176
Papikion (1483m.) 177

Sterea Ellada

Area Issue

Giona - Piramida (2.510m.)

Giona - Makrilakos (2.307m.) 64,140
Vardousia - Korakas (2.495m.) 65
Vardousia - Korakia (2.180m.) 66
Oiti - Pirgos (2.152 m.) 67
Vardousia - Milia (1.791m.) 68
Panetoliko - Kokinias (1.881m.) 69
Panetoliko - Triantafilia (1.819m.) 70
Panetoliko - Kira Vgena (1.924m.) 71
Oxia (1.926 m.) 72
Kaliakouda (2.101m.) 73
Helidona (1.975m.) 74
Parnassos - Liakoura (2.457m.) 75
Parnassos - Gerolekas (1.714m.) 76
Kallidromo - Gioza (1.399m.) 77
Parnitha - Karavola (1.414m.) 100